Your partnership with the Illinois Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) gives you access to our qualified vocational rehabilitation professionals. Here are some of the valuable benefits we can provide: Job Analysis - DRS staff can work with you to assess the requirements of your jobs and match them to the skills of our candidates. We can help identify appropriate accommodations and assistive technologies to "bridge the gap" between job needs and employee abilities. We can even help you analyze the needs of new or changing jobs to ensure that you can retain valuable employees in their current positions. Job Coaches - DRS can provide a job coaches to assist qualified individuals with disabilities in learning or re-learning how to perform their job. Training - DRS Rehabilitation Staff can provide trainings to employers on a local or statewide level, including topics related to disability awareness and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Statewide trainings are also offered each year.

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    TTY: (866)264-2149

We help people with disabilities find and keep jobs. Our goal is to help our customers find quality employment that pays a living wage and offers a chance for advancement.Our staff talk to people about their employment needs and help them find a job or get ready to go to work. They also make sure that people have the supports they need to stay on the job. This resource is a part of the Illinois Department of Human Services.

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Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS), a program of the Bureau of Rehabilitation Service (BRS), provides quality, individualized services to enhance and support people with disabilities to prepare for, obtain or retain employment. Through active participation in their rehabilitation, people with disabilities achieve a greater level of independence in their work place and living environments.
402 W. Washington St., #W451 
P.O. Box 7083, MS26 
Indianapolis, IN 46207-7083

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    Fax: (317)254-6705

Our Mission & Vision: MRS partners with individuals and employers to achieve quality employment outcomes and independence for individuals with disabilities.Our Vision: MRS will be a premiere organization to promote an inclusive workforce system that provides each individual with a disability the opportunity for employment leading to independence. This resource is a part of the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor, and Economic Growth (DELEG).
Michigan Rehabilitation Services
201 N. Washington Sq., 4th Floor
Lansing, MI 48933

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    TTY: (888) 605-6722
    Fax: (517) 335-7277

If you have a disability, our Vocational Rehabilitation Services unit can help you prepare for, find and keep a job, and live as independently as possible. With the right kind of training, preparation and workplace accommodations, people with disabilities can have rewarding careers. This resource is a part of the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED).
Department of Employment and Economic Development
Rehabilitation Services Branch
First National Bank Building
332 Minnesota Street, Suite E200
St. Paul, Minnesota 55101

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	 (800) 328-9095
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OOD is the state agency that serves Ohioans with disabilities by helping achieve quality employment, independence and Social Security disability determination outcomes through its Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation (BVR), Bureau of Services for the Visually Impaired (BSVI) and Bureau of Disability Determination (BDD). By working with partners across business, government, educational and non-profit sectors, RSC vocational rehabilitation team guides youths with disabilities regarding career preparation; works with people who acquire disabilities mid-career; and advises companies about disability management and workplace solutions, which allows them to recruit talented professionals and retain valuable employees. BDD adjudicates claims for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).
400 E. Campus View Blvd.
Columbus, OH 43235-4604

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    TTY: (614)438-1200

The Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) oversees grant programs that help individuals with physical or mental disabilities to obtain employment and live more independently through the provision of such supports as counseling, medical and psychological services, job training and other individualized services.
Rehabilitation Services Administration
400 Maryland Ave, S.W.
Washington, DC 20202-2800

  Voice: (202) 245-7488

What We Do: provide employment services and counseling to people with disabilities; provide or arrange for services to enable an individual to go to work; provide training and technical assistance to employers regarding disability employment issues. This resource is part of the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development.
Central Office/Administration
201 East Washington Avenue
PO Box 7852
Madison, WI  53707-7852

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	 (800) 442-3477
    TTY: (888) 877-5939
    Fax: (608) 266-1133

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