Accessible IT Initiative Collaborators

The purpose of the AIT Initiative Collaborators is to promote the acquisition and use of accessible information technology in educational settings, through local support.

Our network of collaborators work with the Great Lakes Center to disseminate information, sponsor activities and provide technical assistance on a local level.

Collaborating Organizations

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Entities looking to improve the accessibility of information technology in their communities may seek funding assistance through the Great Lakes Accessible IT Initiative, or through various federal grants. For more information on awards from the Great Lakes Center, please contact us online or by calling 800-949-4232 (V/TTY).

Federal Funding Opportunities:

Participating Collaborators

The following list includes some of the entities we have worked with to promote Accessible Information Technology.

  • Wisconsin Technical College System
  • Equip for Equality
  • Midwest Instructional Technology Center
  • Infinitec
  • Chicago Public Schools

Last Updated on:
Wed Nov 23, 2016